The Question

“So how is the adoption stuff going?”

I smile. I hold in the sigh. The frown. The widening of my eyes that might give away a possible situation that is too early to talk about…and too painful to share if it falls through.


Then I remind myself that I’m lucky. Lucky to have people that care enough to ask. Lucky to have people hoping and praying for us. Lucky to have possibilities. There are no guarantees in life, no matter what path we choose or what plans we make. But, we have hope.

And we have perspective. Waiting families at our agency are on the list an average of two years before adopting a child. We’ve only been waiting about 18 months.

And we have trust. Trust in our agency, which has impressed us every step of the way with their commitment to children, families and upholding the highest ethical standards. Learn how the Cradle has been building families for 90 years in this article.

We have faith that there is a plan for us. A destiny we’ve yet to encounter. A family yet to be formed.

So, ask us how things are going. It lets us know you care. There may not be news, but the process is working. Having supportive family and friends makes the wait more bearable, and for that we are thankful.

Know someone considering making an adoption plan? Here’s our story.


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