Guilty Movie Pleasures

Time is such a valuable commodity. There is always a project to finish, a room to clean, a book to write, CSA vegetables to decipher and prepare. But every now and then, I have an hour or two at home with just an adorable yellow Labrador for company, and I get to go a little crazy!

And watch romantic comedies. Maybe they have a holiday theme. Maybe they are feature a girl dressing as a boy and playing a sport. OR MAYBE THEY ARE BOTH.

Okay, so I’ve never found both, but I have to believe it exists. Much like unicorns. And Bigfoot.

My guilty pleasure movies aren’t critically acclaimed, but they must have at least two of these criteria:

1) A happy ever after.
2) Chemistry! (Romantic kind)
3) Chemistry! (Science kind. What? I like a good geek-flick.)
4) Former child star.
5) Cringe worthy hijinks or misunderstandings.
6) Musical montage.

Also helpful: Hugh Grant. Not required, but he doesn’t hurt.

A few of my favorite guilty movie pleasures:

Lucky 7

Pre-McDreamy Patrick Dempsey stands in as a wedding date for Father of the Bride’s Kimberly William Paisley.

Leap Year

Amy Adams cross the pond to propose to Adam Scott…but instead falls for scruffy Matthew Goode. (Really, she can’t lose either way in this one. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure.)


When Andi’s twin brother can’t compete in the big, important, only-for-boys motocross race, she cuts her hair into an adorable cut and takes his place!

12 Dates of Christmas

Amy Smart stars in a Christmas Groundhog’s Day meets Saved By the Bell with a nicely grown up  Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Chalet Girl

Kim Matthews gives up professional skateboarding when her mother is killed in an accident. When she takes a jobs at an elite ski resort, she finds snowboarding…and a whole lot more. (Great chemistry in this one (romantic kind) and Kim succeeds regardless of the relationship. Yay! And some nice surprising characters. A hidden gem in the Instant Queue!)


One of the Guys

“Terry Griffith is about to go where no woman has gone before!”

What are your guilty movie pleasures? I’d like to add some to my list!

2 thoughts on “Guilty Movie Pleasures

  1. I’m not sure I should thank you, but I’m going to have to watch Mortorcrossed. It’s the only one I haven’t seen. My SUPER guilty pleasure are the Good Witch movies. So bad. So good.

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