So I read a book that left me feeling conflicted. I’m keeping the title and author quiet, because I prefer not to post negative reviews (and, before you ask, it is not a book with 50 or Grey in the title). The book I read recently was self published, and, full disclosure, I haven’t read a lot of self published books. I know people who have self published (not this author, however) and I understand the decision. I respect it. It isn’t easy to finish a book, let alone travel down the road of publishing it yourself.

The book I read captivated me. The story would NOT let me go (hence very little sleep this week). It was a romance and aspects of the hero’s personality disturbed me…even if his actions were eventually explained and redeemed. The voice was strong, the plot intense and the humor would catch me by surprise.

But the writing? Another matter. The book was longer than it needed to be and the dialogue distracting (full a’ contractions an’ stuff). The super steamy love scenes read more like a Twister game than anything else. Hand on blue dot, hand off blue dot, etc.

So why am I posting about it? Because as pulled in to the plot as I was, I finished the book feeling sad. The author has published several books and I wish them the best! However, I don’t know that I could recommend it to anyone else. A part of me wants to read the other books in the series, but I won’t because I don’t want to absorb that writing style in my head.

An even bigger part of me was left feeling sad because I could see the bones of the book and how great it could have been with the right editor. Story is important, and that’s what kept me reading. But writing will give the book staying power and, for me, this one did not have it.

See? Conflicted.