Liquid Lies & Literary Lasagna

Recipe from The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook, p. 210.

So, I made lasagna last weekend. Thank you, thank you. Yes, it was a major achievement in my life. And it was the best lasagna ever made. In this house. By me. Okay, so it was the only lasagna I’ve ever made. But there was something magical about building up the dish layer-by-layer and watching it evolve into carbohydrate heaven while it baked. That, for me, is the beauty of cooking–transforming individual ingredients into something bigger, better, more meaningful. It’s magic.

The ugly side of cooking? Shopping. I mean, really, could they make raisins harder to find? But, that’s another post for another day.

I’ve been meaning to write about Hanna Martine’s excellent debut, Liquid Lies, for awhile now. As a librarian, I booktalk a lot of books–and I love it. For this book, I might say something like, “Oh, you might like Liquid Lies. It’s about a woman from a race of people who can control water and she wants to get promoted in the family business–but then she is kidnapped. Soon her only ally is the man who was paid to capture her–and the one man she can’t resist. Dum dum daah.”

Now, I think I’ll go with “Read this. It’s like literary lasagna.” Sure, you might not that see that in a New York Times review, but maybe you should.

Lasagna is as rich and textured, each bite a perfect combination of its ingredients. The same could be said for this urban fantasy. Martine deftly intertwines complicated characters like Gwen, the woman destined to be a leader for the Elementals (with an arranged marriage and everything) and Reed, a mercenary who keeps a solid wall between his heart and the job. Usually. 

And then there is the world–it’s our world, but not. Gwen’s people, the Ofarians, live amongst the Primaries (that’d be us ordinary-boring-humans) and they are good at keeping secrets, even from their own people. We soon discover another race, the Tedrans, and they also have a story to tell–but which is the truth?

Mix in a little bit of Gwen’s mission in life–which takes on a new and different meaning as her world unravels–and then top it off with a smokin’ hot attraction between Gwen and Reed. Boom. Now you have a book worth savoring. When you’re done, you’ll feel satisfied and a bit wrung out from the journey, in very good way.And, you’ll probably be a little thirsty, too…

Available December 31!

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