Bound to Love the Torn Trilogy

My reading tastes fall all over the literary map, but the stories that I love most are the ones that I find myself thinking about after I’ve put the book down. The ones that have scenes that keep coming back to mind at random points throughout the day and scenes that you find yourself reenacting for friends.

Egads, I do reenact scenes from books to friends. Sorry, friends!

One series that I have talked up a lot over the last few months is the Torn Trilogy by Erica O’Rourke, and this isn’t just because I know how awesome Erica is (and she is!) but because the series truly deserves talking about. Maura Fitzgerald wakes up in the hospital at the beginning of the first book, Torn. The incident that puts her in the hospital killed her best friend and Maura “Mo” vows to do whatever she needs to do to avenge her friends death. Mo also discovers that her best friend has been hiding a secret, magical life. So, unmagical Mo decides to pick up where her friend left off and soon finds herself trapped between two worlds and two boys.

Throughout the series Mo learns more secrets about those around her–and more about herself. Where do fate and choice intersect? All of the books in the series captivated me until the wee hours of the morning and I didn’t want to see the series end. In Bound, the final book in the trilogy, Mo struggles to separate her own dreams from others’ expectations. She’s bound to the magic and still feels a responsibility to the memory of her friend, but she has also bound herself to dangerous alliances in order to protect those she loves.

Along with the textured magical world created in the series, I loved watching Mo change and grow. I struggled right along with her in deciding who I liked more, Colin from her life in Chicago or magical Luc from New Orleans. By the time we reached the end, the resolution worked perfectly for me–and also surprised me at a few turns.

An all around wonderful and satisfying read and I can’t wait for Erica’s release next year!

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