Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

My To Be Read pile is like another person living in our house. Each day, I look over to find it staring at me—taunting me with the rich stories just waiting to be discovered. So, this weekend, I said, “Okay, fine. I won’t clean the house. I won’t write. I won’t cook. I will only read, IF IT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY.”

The pile took me up on the offer. First up was Brigid Kemmerer’s Storm, from the Elemental Series. I have been following Brigid on twitter for several months, and I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Romance Writers of America Literacy Signing this past July. Now that I read it—in a matter of hours—I can only say this: Go forth and read!

Becca Chandler is a teenager dealing with the typical high school dramas—and some not so typical. Before the story starts, she’s involved in a bad situation with an ex-boyfriend. This escalates into lies that spread like wildfire, leaving her reputation in tatters. She’s leaving the school after a self-defense class one night and spots two guys beating up on a third. Becca’s phone is dead and the parking lot is deserted, so she uses her car to save classmate Chris Merrick.

Chris’ family is no stranger to secrets. Becca soon discovers that the Chris and his brothers are anything but average. Chris can control water—while his brothers control wind, fire, and earth. They struggle to keep their powers under wraps, knowing that if the extent their abilities is discovered, it could spell disaster for them all.

The more time Becca spends with Chris, the more she starts to learn their secrets—and then she is targeted by the same people out for the brothers. Soon, a hunky new boy shows up and seems like everything Becca has ever wanted…but is he?

I couldn’t read this book fast enough. Realistic teen issues blend seamlessly with the troubles that magic can bring into our lives. The relationships between the four brothers was complicated and endearing—and I very much look forward to reading about the other brothers in the family.

Spark, Gabriel’s story, will be released Tuesday, August 28. Thank goodness for holiday weekends!

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  1. Sounds right up my alley! Adding it to the my own beastly ‘to read’ pile, but putting it on top! (-:

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