My Writing Journey One Year Later

After years of off and on writing, I took the plunge and attended a writing conference in Ohio about this time last year. It was a very inspirational conference and I knew my next step should be to join the Chicago-North RWA Chapter.

So, I did.

Now, nearly a year later, I don’t have a contract. I’m not close to finding an agent. And yet, success is mine. I have some dear friends that have great supporters and beta readers since the beginning. I have found a community of intelligent, generous writers who inspire me on a daily basis. In February, I read a selection from my first completed novel to a very encouraging audience. Somehow, they made me feel good about my writing, while also pointing out that I had room to grow. A Lot. Really. Keep working, dear.

I soaked in the feedback and looked at my work with a new eye. I reworked a few different versions and sent one to the Molly Contest sponsored by the Heart of Denver Romance Writers. Earlier this week, I found out my submission made it to the final round. The final round! Be still my writerly heart. Thank you, also, to the judges that provided constructive criticism in the score sheets. Pure. Gold.

So, who knows what next year will bring? I have a few goals, but it is the journey that continues to challenge and stimulate me. Above all, I am very thankful to not be traveling alone.

Shameless plug: Registration is open for Chicago-North’s awesome conference: SpringFling 2012!