Go Ahead, Judge This Book By The Cover

The striking cover draws you in, but it’s the story that will keep you from putting it down. 17-year-old Maura “Mo” Fitzgerald wakes up in the hospital and finds out that the same brutal attack that put her there also killed her best friend, Verity. As the secrets emerge about that terrible night, her family and the friend she thought she knew,  Mo encounters two very different boys: one who was sent to protect her and one who wants her to help save the world.

Mo’s world is very real, even mixed with a fare amount of magic. Traveling between Chicago and New Orleans, she is faced with a decision that is wrapped in a debt-of-sorts to Verity. The more she learns about what is happening in her world, the more she learns about herself. The last few chapters race buy as the tension builds and lead you to a showdown you wouldn’t expect.

This is the debut novel for Erica O’Rourke, esteemed winner of the Golden Heart for Best YA Manuscript in 2010. It is sometimes difficult to be impartial when reading a book by someone you know “in real life”.  However, it was the storyline alone that kept me up too late reading it several nights this week. It will be hard to wait for the next one in the trilogy!