Anne Sites and Singing Sands

Day One of “Amy and Ryann’s Anne Tour 2008” saw the fearless duo traversing the bucolic countryside in search of all things Anne. Here is a brief recap of the day’s events:

Green Gables Heritage Site / Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Cavendish National Historic SiteHere we walked through a restored version of the home that inspired Green Gables. At the nearby historic site, we walked through the author’s old homestead and spoke with one of her relatives. Favorite Highlight: Spooky golfers hiding in the Haunted Wood.

Anne of Green Gables MuseumThis was the site of L. M. Montgomery’s wedding and a house that she always enjoyed visiting. The Lake of Shining Waters is also located here. We even saw the Enchanted Bookcase that the author herself imagined seeing a friend in the reflection – just like Anne! Favorite Highlight: Seeing Matthew Cuthbert in a striped shirt from JCPenny.

Singing SandsWe stopped at this beautiful, casual beach near the northern tip of the island to experiencing the wonder of a beach that sings! Don’t believe us? Turn up your volume and watch this video (listen for the “zipper” sound).

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  1. I am sad I didn’t come with you two to hear the zippers. Hope your trip is everything Anne! Enjoy!

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